The entourage effect is a term used to describe the phenomenon by which certain compounds in cannabis work together to produce therapeutic effects and mitigate the side effects that cannabis can have like anxiety or paranoia.

Is it real you might wonder? Not only is the entourage effect a real thing it is completely achievable! There is some experimenting to find the right balance and strains for you. So while the entourage effect is something you should aim for when consuming cannabis products to treat your symptoms, do not get discouraged if you don’t achieve it right away!

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Cannabis-derived products typically contain more than just THC. Consumers often report that cannabis products offer effects not readily explained by THC content alone, and researchers have suggested that this may be due to the synergy between cannabinoids and other compounds in the plant.

There may also be entourage effects involving the impact of cannabinoids on pain. Products with THC and CBD (or any other combination of non-psychoactive cannabinoids) are known to exhibit synergistic action that brings about a ‘full-spectrum’ effect.

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Full-spectrum cannabis products can show better efficacy and tolerability for pain patients compared to pure THC. This is why our budtenders at Elevated are always trying to find the best strain to treat your symptoms instead of reaching for the highest THC right away. In fact, a high percentage THC strain may not even treat your pain effectively! Finding a strain that has the right mix of THC, CBD, and specific terpene compounds can deliver better results than that of a high percentage of THC.

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At the end of the day, this is what we are trying to help our patients understand…If you have pain, consider this: Full-spectrum cannabis products can show better efficacy and tolerability for pain patients compared to pure THC.

What is the difference between THC, CBD, Cannabinoids, Sativa, Indica, etc.? The answer to this question should be readily available to you by your alternative wellness care provider and why Elevated Dispensary puts so much into educating our patients and customers. It is important to know because different strains have different medicinal properties which means they will help treat different ailments in your body. So if you are lost about which strain would be best for you, then we are here for you! Stop into any location and ask how you can learn more about our cannabis strains and their specific properties.