Hello there, we at Elevated, LLC are very excited to be able to offer expanded access under our new law I-182!
Let me first thank all those who tirelessly worked and/or donated to this amazing effort to restore reliable access to what is undeniably true medicine and transformative for so many lives.

Now, let me give you an idea of what you can expect if you choose Elevated, LLC as your premier Montana Marijuana Program provider. Top quality medicine grown in a responsible way with the end users health in mind. Great selection, as you all know we have had to operate under some very restrictive conditions so we are working feverishly to expand our selection.

Our goal to have an additional 15-20 strains of flower to complement our existing core selection. We have a wide variety of edibles, and will roll out concentrates as allowed. Competitive prices, we will have some of the best quality and most responsibly grown products for the price in the state. Lastly, we are very excited about opening up a dispensary for your shopping convenience.

Come by and let our professional and knowledgeable staff find personalized solutions that work for you. If a wide selection of top quality meds, excellent customer service, and unbeatable prices are what you are after, look no further!