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When you leave an Elevated dispensary, you exit with more than just premium cannabis. With each visit to one of Montana’s 10 locations, medical and recreational marijuana consumers 21 and older can expect high quality customer service catered to their unique needs.

“The experience when our customers come in the door is a lot more personalized because people are looking for different products, different desired effects,” said a senior manager at Elevated.

Elevated budtenders receive extensive training to help them assist customers who are new to cannabis, as well as frequent consumers. If you are new to cannabis, you might be asked, “What seems like the most comfortable way for you to consume?” and “What effects are you looking for?”

Staff training includes providing budtenders with data on how a product’s cannabis was grown, as well as its terpene style and strain. The terpene profile of a marijuana strain might be important to a consumer who hopes to achieve a desired effect, such as reducing anxiety. Budtenders may steer customers toward a specific form of cannabis based on the customer’s stated preferences or medical information shared, such as the need to avoid smoking due to a lung cancer diagnosis.

Consumer trends, purchasing habits and customer feedback also give Elevated experts a great deal of insight, which is especially important for employees hired based on their customer service background rather than their knowledge of cannabis.

“We don’t hire people based on their cannabis experience,” said an Elevated spokesperson. “We hire our budtenders based on their customer service skills. You can teach people about terpenes, and you can teach them what terpenes are found in which strains we carry because we test for them. But you can’t necessarily train someone to be kind to others or to be a good listener.”

Elevated carries products that are pesticide-free, indoor-grown and lab-tested for purity, said an Elevated spokesperson. Elevated dispensaries are clean, well lit and offer a large variety of quality cannabis products — all factors that are important to providing the best customer experience.

Additionally, as a Montana-based company, Elevated takes their role in serving their state seriously, which Montanans should find comforting.

To learn more about Elevated dispensaries and to find a location nearest you, visit elevatedmt.com.

Information provided is for educational and informational purposes only by the advertiser and does not supersede any medical advice given by a physician. Cannabis is still considered a Schedule 1 controlled substance and is illegal under federal law. Adults who consume cannabis must keep cannabis products away from animals and out of reach of children. Note that the intoxicating effects of cannabis can sometimes be delayed, so do not operate a vehicle or machinery after consumption. Use of cannabis during pregnancy or while breastfeeding may be harmful. By purchasing cannabis from a dispensary, you are assuming the risk of any damage or loss that occurs during its use.

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