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Montana Marijuana Program Card

Full Service Card Acquisition Services

Our teams are devoted to helping patients, offering guidance to patients who need to get their Montana Marijuana Program Card. They are always available for appointments and follow-up questions by phone, email, and Facebook.

Top Quality Flowers

Top Quality Flowers

We at Elevated carry a menu of some of the finest Marijuana flowers on the market. Our collection of professionally cultivated top-shelf strains includes a variety of indica, sativas, and hybrids like Cinex, New York City Diesel (NYC), and Blue Dream. We even have some of their own genetics like Lemon Love and Kongo.

weed edibles

Wide Selection of Edibles

Customers who prefer something sweet can browse through Elevated’s menu and choose from a variety of edibles from brownies to gummies. Elevated also offers cannibis-infused salves, creams, tinctures, and more.


New — Concentrates

Joints don’t cut it anymore. Elevated have a full line of marijuana concentrates, shatter, wax, budder, crumble, dabs, clear, distillate and more!

cannabis professionals

Top Notch Customer Service

The devoted Elevated team is made up of the some of most experienced and compassionate cannabis professionals trained to assist and advise patients. The friendly dispensary staff are knowledgeable and qualified to recommend products to patients.